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The nature of an investments management from Bitsmart is based on smart contracts and therefore investors don’t risk investment money, making investments to our company.

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Detection of the best ICO

At first we most carefully, impartially and professionally check a subject of future investments, making a faultless economic portrait of that cryptocurrency ICO company with which we intend to cooperate and earn money.

Contract conclusion

After the comprehensive analysis experts of possible risks, we conclude contract with the ICO company or we sign the smart contract with the chosen cryptocurrency company and we initiate process of cooperation and safe and stable profit receiving.

Unique reliability of the smart contract

The rick-free investments

The essence of the smart contract consists in refusal of ownership when the initiator of of the smart contract creation and conclusion loses an opportunity to influence any processes of system that in turn guarantees equal opportunities to participants and community of management of it.

Base of the company

Bitsmart was created as the hi-tech platform which tasks included providing of the maximum profit volume from investments at the minimum risks of losses. We have reached it, using technology of the smart contract on the cryptocurrencies.

The best results

Phenomenal results of our activity have laid the foundation for a new round of the processes development of financial management from Bitsmart with involvement of independent investors from around the world for expansion of opportunities and new ways of the profit receiving.


Bitsmart. Always to be the leader and to bring the maximum benefit to investors. To guard their interests and to create of most protected cooperation conditions.

Maximum safe efficiency!

Mathematically exact investment offers will help everyone to get what he aspired without risk and with active support of our experts. The best consulting for customers of Bitsmart. Aspire to the best and receive more with Bitsmart always.


Nov 12, 2018

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Use advantages,

Which give smart contracts

Investment offers from Bitsmart which profitability is provided with investment working of absolutely reliable smart contracts.

Start plan
115% / 1 Day

  • 0.004 - 12.500 BTC
  • 0.450 - 1454.550 LTC
  • $25 - $80,000 USD
Bronze plan
250% / 5 Days

  • 0.004 - 12.500 BTC
  • 0.450 - 1454.550 LTC
  • $25 - $80,000 USD
Silver plan
700% / 10 Days

  • 0.004 - 12.500 BTC
  • 0.450 - 1454.550 LTC
  • $25 - $80,000 USD
Gold plan
1500% / 20 Days

  • 0.004 - 12.500 BTC
  • 0.450 - 1454.550 LTC
  • $25 - $80,000 USD